Continuing Education

The Manufacture offers several continuing education courses covering and crossing many different areas of the performing arts.

These include diploma courses in theatre education and outreach, dramaturgy, audiodescription, as well as workshops on the art of oratory open to the general public, professional training workshops for actors, dancers and other performing artists, and specific workshops for teachers.


The continuing education courses focus on developing the professional qualifications of the participants. They take into account the needs identified in the various fields in which the professionals may intervene.

Given the precarity of employment in the performing arts field, the artists who keep on developing their skills, knowledge and reflections on art build a distinctive advantage.

The Manufacture, as a resource centre and a place to grow, offers the ideal environment to question one's habits and share knowledge among peers, and constitutes a real network platform. To this end, participating to the workshops also allows the participants to grow their network, identify work opportunities, and helps them maintain their professional activity.


Anne-Pascale MittazManager
Marine MeierCoordination