CFC Stage technician

The Federal Certificate of Capacity for Stage technicians, offered since 2011, is the first vocational course in french speaking Switzerland, dedicated to performing arts and events technique.

Conceived in dual mode, it provides apprentices with a fundamental practical and theoretical education in performance technique, allowing graduates to be hired as technicians for concerts, plays, festivals, exhibitions or any other type of event.

The apprentices receive four years of training both within a training company (theater or service provider in the field of events) of which they are employed, and at the same time at the Manufacture, which provides courses specific to the profession as well as general culture courses. Inter-company courses, organized by the professional association Artos, further complement the training with seven one-week modules on specific themes.

The first nine French-speaking Swiss stage technicians received their CFCs on July 3, 2015 at the Manufacture.

Around fifty apprentices, spread over four years, from all the French-speaking cantons are taking this training.

The Profession

CFC stage technicians are above all versatile, trained in the basic operation of the most common stage equipment. Sound, lighting and stage are their three main areas of activity. In addition to these are video technology, stage special effects, security, electricity, computer media processing, logistics and planning of theater and event productions.

This wide range of knowledge and skills enables the stage technicians to find their place in a wide variety of structures and activities. It also opens the door to many new developments and specializations in the various fields of performing arts and events technique.

Required skills : 

Strong interest in the performing arts (theater, dance, music). Absence of vertigo. Manual dexterity. Interest in computers and digital technologies. Ability to work both in a team and alone. Sense of responsibility. Sense of aesthetics. Ability to adapt to an irregular schedule or night work.

Branches taught :

Lighting, Sound, Video, Stage, Special Effects, Media Integration, Electricity, Security, Production, Equipment Management, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, English, General Culture, Sport.

Practical information

Dual educationApprenticeship
4 years
Stage Technician CFC
Apprenticeship contractCompulsory education completed
Paid trainingfrom 400 to 1200 CHF
Julien BarboneProfessional school manager
Nathalie BersethSecretary