BA-Théâtre · Promo I : Parcours libres

    With the comedians of promo I (2015-2018), 2nd year of Bachelor in Theater.

    Programme and credits


    with Raphaël Archinard, Greg Ceppi, Angèle Colas, Morgane Grandjean, Lucas Savioz

    Nuit blanche

    with Catherine Demiguel, Samuel Perthuis, Hamadou, Bouba, Teka, Yy, Dominique
    and the participation of Emmanuele, José, François Gremaud and Michaël Monney

    Le cheval, toi et moi

    with Laura Den Hondt, Camille Le Jeune, Guillaume Miramond

    This couch is long and full of friendship

    with Julie Bugnard, Isumi Grichting

    La nuit je mens

    with Donatienne Amann, Isabela De Moraes Evangelista, Pépin Mayette, Victor Poltier

    Technique : Ian Lecoultre, Céline Ribeiro, Thibault Villard
    photo credit : Nicolas Brodard