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    Additional training in Oratory Art

    To complement the courses on the art of oratory, Manufacture offers two other thematic workshops led by a journalist : "Writing your speech" and "Learn how to talk to the media".

    Preparing a speech

    How to prepare a speech or a public presentation? How to structure what needs to be said? How to get the key message across and not lose the thread? What type of language to use? You often have to speak in public but your interventions sometimes fall short of the intended effect. This 1-day course will teach you to become more effective in your rhetoric and in how you prepare your speech. We will work initially on texts that have already been written, then on your own texts. Each practical exercise is recorded on camera, then viewed in a debriefing session.

    Talking to the media workshop

    What needs are specific to journalists? How can we talk to them calmly? Your job requires you to answer questions from the media but you lack experience in front of the camera. On this 1-day course you will learn to take part in a classic interview, will undergo a “grilling”, and will practice the art of the “statement” (saying what’s essential in one minute). The day will help you to feel more at ease in front of a camera and to deliver a clear and effective message.

    Practical Information

    En emploi
    1 journée de 9h30-17h30
    Tout public
    650 CHF
    Anne-Pascale Mittaz Responsable
    Marine Meier Coordination


    Les formations sont animées par Nathalie Randin.

    Journaliste radio et TV depuis 20 ans, Nathalie Randin est aujourd'hui journaliste indépendante. Licenciée en lettres de l'Université de Neuchâtel, elle a travaillé pendant près de 10 ans au Palais fédéral comme correspondante parlementaire, d'abord pour la Radio suisse romande puis la Télévision suisse romande. Elle collabore encore régulièrement avec la RTS, anime des débats, des séminaires politiques et donne des cours de communication.