20th anniversary

La Manufacture celebrates its 20th anniversary! 

La Manufacture, which opened in Lausanne in September 2003 with a single class of acting students, has evolved over the last 20 years to become the Haute école des arts de la scène, offering Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Theatre, Master's in Theatre and Bachelor's in Contemporary Dance. 

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, La Manufacture has put together a whole program of activities to mark this special year. See below for details:

20th anniversary ceremony

A ceremony to officially mark the 20th anniversary of La Manufacture and present the program of upcoming events. 

Monday 6 November 2023


Transmission conferences

A series of conferences on the theme of transmission, opening up perspectives on other visions of training from other performing arts practices and cultures.

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Professional Day

First day of meetings and presentation of the school to performing arts professionals in French-speaking Switzerland, organized in collaboration with FRAS, Fédération Romande des Arts de la Scène.

Monday 22 January 2024


The 48h00 at La Manufacture

Graduates and students come together to occupy and dream about the school for 48 hours. Two days of sharing around the history of the school and the notion of passing on to future generations of students. 

12 - 14 April 2024


vingt ans, et le monde.

Performance by Mathilde Monnier

La Manufacture is stepping outside its walls to meet students from other higher education institutions and audiences in French-speaking Switzerland with a show specially created by Mathilde Monnier with young graduates, which uses a burlesque and offbeat approach to play out certain situations, postures and phrases that every art school student may have experienced: revelations, moments of uncertainty, missteps, grotesque situations, tensions and imbalances in the posture of the student who is already but not yet an artist.

Direction and choreography Mathilde Monnier, assisted by Martin Reinartz 
with Yann Hermenjat, Alina Arshi, Jessica Allemann
Scenography Maria Clara Castioni 

May - September 2024

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Graduation shows

In spring 2024, the dancers from the G year of the Bachelor's programme in Contemporary Dance and the actors from the M year of the Bachelor's programme in Theatre will be appearing in a number of theatres in Switzerland and abroad. In particular, the Théâtre de Vidy-Lausanne and the Pavillon ADC Genève will be presenting the two shows for the first time to celebrate the 20th anniversary of La Manufacture.

Bachelor Théâtre 
Avignon, une école
Direction Fanny de Chaillé 

Bachelor en Contemporary Dance  
Empathic chamber  
Choreography Yasmine Hugonnet 
Choreography Radouan Mriziga 

May - July 2024


20 ans de parcours


To mark its 20th anniversary, La Manufacture wanted to highlight the unique career paths of its alumni through a series of short stories. The diversity of careers, the interdisciplinarity of artistic and social commitments, and the diversity of professions practised after La Manufacture will all be highlighted in this memorial object.

Vernissage in September 2024


20th anniversary party

A festive evening open to all.

7 September 2024

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Open doors

The Manufacture opens its doors to the public: presentation of courses of study, continuing education courses, the CFC Techniscéniste (vocational training certificate), tours of buildings and work areas.

21 September 2024

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Stage découverte

A week of workshops for young people aged 14 to 19, a great opportunity to discover the school and live at your own pace through practical experience: drama and dance classes in the morning and the creation of a short play in the afternoon. All levels, French and non-French speakers welcome.

21 - 25 October 2024

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