Prestation de service


    Space rental

    Mise à disposition de certaines infrastructures de l'école, location de salles pour des répétitions, tournages, castings, formations, selon les disponibilités.


    The Manufacture offers a magnificent working environment within the former industrial complex that was previously the Golay-Buchel factory, rue du Grand-Pré 3-5, Lausanne.

    The school, originally installed on two floors at number 5, has gradually expanded in the course of its development and, since September 2015 with the opening up of new premises at number 3, benefits from a floor space of 4,416 square metres on which to deploy its different activities.

    At present the school offers:

    • A 228 m2 auditorium with 110 tiered seats
    • A 132 m2 performance hall with Harlequin dance floor and 50 tiered seats
    • A research laboratory
    • A library open to the public
    • 4 rehearsal rooms for dancers with Harlequin dance floor
    • 5 rehearsal rooms for actors and producers
    • 4 classrooms and meeting rooms
    • A cafeteria for students
    • A reception area for the public
    • A technical and joinery workshop
    • A wardrobe room


    Anne-Pascale MittazResponsable
    Marine MeierCollaboratrice