Performative card games

    How can one explore the performative dimension of card games, through the study of their design process and staging?

    This practice based research examines card games (from independent creations to mainstream ones) as a combination of theatrical dramaturgy, performative potential and design. The aim is to develop an open access prototype that will allow the generation of games adapted and exploitable in different contexts of creation or pedagogy in art.


    Isis Fahmy, stage director (Manufacture 2014 graduate)
    Benoît Renaudin, sound designer and creator (HEAD graduate)
    Delphine Abrecht, dramaturge, researcher in dramaturgy and history of theater
    Kevin Jullierat, composer and saxophonist
    Tatiana Baumgartner, actress and stage director



    Isis Fahmy et Benoît Renaudin, « Jeux de cartes performatifs : interviews croisées de DD Dorvillier et Douglas E. Stanley », in Issue - Journal of art & design HEAD - Genève, 15 janvier 2024.


    22 juin 2024 

    Isis Fahmy et Benoît Renaudin, « Performance à la carte », Hexagone, Grenoble.

    8 octobre 2023

    Isis Fahmy et Benoît Renaudin, Atelier « Le plus beau jeu de cartes du monde » au Musée d’Art et d’Histoire à Genève, dans le cadre de La Fête du Théâtre.

    28 mars 2023
    Isis Fahmy et Benoît Renaudin, Présentation dans le cadre du séminaire « Imaginaire, fabulation, spéculation, dramaturgie, performatif : des outils de conception ? » (Module d’Innovation Pédagogique EUR ArTec/Université Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint-Denis « Scènes et Design à l'ère de l'anthropocène »), Campus Condorcet,15 rue Waldeck Rochet, Aubervilliers.

    23 janvier 2023
    Isis Fahmy et Benoît Renaudin, Workshop dans le cadre de la journée d'étude Méthodologies et expérimentations en compagnie des objets, Labomobile 5, Ramdam - un centre d'art (Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon).

    December 7, 2022
    Isis Fahmy et Benoît Renaudin, Presentation of the project at the seminar Actualité de la recherche, organized by HEAD (Geneva) and l'UNIGE.

    November 15, 2022
    Benoît Renaudin, Presentation of a piece for modular synthesizer and card game, poems in motion #13, 6 Toits, Geneva.

    Scheduled :
    - Open sessions of experimentation of the performative card game in January 2022, in the form of the elaboration of a final monstration stage that may take place at La Manufacture and HEAD in the form of a performance during which the card game of this research will be put into play.

    - The edition of a printed version of a performative card game and publication of our online prototyping tool in February 2022. One of the performative card games will be published in a paper format and archived in the libraries of HEAD, La Manufacture, IRAD and IRMAS. As for our performative card game prototyping tool, it will be published and accessible online. It will be distributed through the communication channels of the institutions and to our professional networks via newsletters, websites and social networks.

    - A dissemination of our performative card games within academic and artistic networks in 2022-23. The International Conference on Gamification and Serious Game (GSGS 2022) could be an important event when the research results are published.