BA-Theatre and MA-Theatre : Cross-disciplinary workshop with Manon Krüttli

    In this cross-disciplinary workshop, first-year students from the Bachelor in Theatre (class M) and Master in Theatre (class 2021) programs worked together on the work of Marguerite Duras.

    With the help of the stage director Manon Krüttli, they explored the motif of the sea, in particular through the collection of texts "L'Été 80". Gathered in groups of four actors, a stage director and a stage designer, each team collaborates to create a work corresponding to the first phase of a conventional creation.


    Workshop directed by Manon Krüttli, assisted by Léo Picirelli

    With the students of class M of the Bachelor in Theater Eve Aouizerate, Martin Bruneau, Luna Desmeules, Mehdi Djouad, Hugo Hamel, Maelle Heritier, Araksan Laisney, Liona Lutz, Mathilde Lyon, Elisa Oliveira, Adrien Pierre, Dylan Poletti, Pierre Ripoll, Danial Seyed Aboudi, Léo Zagagnoni, Kenza Zourdani

    And the students of class 2021 of the Master in Theater focus on stage direction Eléonore Bonah, Kim Crofts, Yann Hermenjat , Juliette Mouteau and focus on stage design Maude Bovey , Maria Clara Castioni, Caroline Savary, Matthieu Stephan

    Photos : Gregory Batardon