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Playwright, theater theorician
Playwright, theater theorician

    Julie Sermon

    Julie Sermon is a professor specialized in the history of contemporary theater and its aesthetics (University of Lyon 2). She is also is a dramaturg.
    Concerned with the evolution of the specific languages, forms, techniques and practices of contemporary performing arts, and being particularly interested in the phenomena of decentering (theoretical, aesthetic, and in the practice of acting) that they may imply, she endeavors in her work to describe their modalities, to conceptualize their issues, and to question their scope.
    By concentric expansions, three major areas have been at the heart of her investigations: Theory of character and figures; Puppetry, theater of objects and material theater; Intermediality.
    Between 2014 and 2016, she led the project "Partition(s). Object and concept of the contemporary scene".
    Since then, she has chosen to devote most of her research and teaching to the two-way relationship that can be established between performing arts and ecology.


      Julie Sermon

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      • 01.09.22
      • 01.04.14

        01.04.2014 - 12.11.2016


        This research project originates from the fact that the musical term “score” has been borrowed, since the turn of the 20th century - and increasingly in recent decades - by other artistic disciplines, primarily theatre, performance and dance.

      • 01.02.16

        01.02.2016 - 02.02.2018

        Figure work

        Figure work : what does a dance portray ?

        The aim of this research is to analyse, from a theoretical and practical perspective, the all-encompassing notion of figure and to understand how, in their psychosomatic depth and social reach, bodies are impressed by images, and how, in fluid expression, otherwise known as dance, they project figures.

      • 11.11.16