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Davos Congress Centre
18.06.24 Davos Congress Centre

    AVETA au World Biodiversity Forum de Davos

    Damien Delorme et Darious Ghavami (AVETA) présentent une conférence lors du World Biodiversity Forum de Davos.

    The "Imaginaries of Possible Futures" cycle is a collaboration between the Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne and the University of Lausanne. Since 2019, three sessions of interdisciplinary collaboration between young sustainability researchers and performing artists have resulted in various performance creations. A fourth will take place next year. Based on a selection from this corpus, we propose to analyze various recurring motifs in the staging of living non-humans and the dramaturgical, epistemological and political questions that arise from such an art/science dispositive. Based on feedback from participants, we'll ask how this dispositive fosters a first-person ecology that constitutes a transformative experience that connects knowledge and practice. We’ll show how aesthetic sensations and emotions are mobilized to reconstruct relationships with living beings and contribute to the ecological conversion of our modern Western societies. This presentation is based on a research project underway since 2021 at The Manufacture - University of Performing Arts of Western Switzerland in Lausanne, entitled AVETA (Arts Vivants / Écologie: le Travail des Affects), which aims to map and analyze the proposals of the performing arts in relation to ecological issues on stages in French-speaking Switzerland, starting from the question of the affects mobilized, staged or aroused.

    Conférence de Damien Delorme et Darious Ghavami,