On tour
On tour

    BA-Théâtre · Promo K : Sur la voie royale, mes Maya Bösch

    The students of the class K present their graduation show, directed by Maya Bösch, based on the eponymous play by Elfriede Jelinek: "Sur la voie royale".

    In this play written in 2016 during the victory of U.S. President Donald Trump, it is not the COVID-19 that causes damage and changes the world, but a completely different crisis: the suffering of a blinded people with the immediate effect: social disruption, anarchy. The king is blinded by himself, the people are blinded by the desire to be saved from the king, the enemies are blinded by their own defeat: they don't need a guide, but they have been given one. 

    Between tragedy and grotesque, between sophistication of language, puns and vulgarity, Elfriede Jelinek invents insane and out of the ordinary images to denounce the excesses of personal power and the disturbing return of History in its most blind violence. Her text flows out of the 15 actors' bodies, their multiple and choral voices forming a nightmarish agora, an electric, vibrant, anarchic space with interruptions of songs, silences and aesthetic images.

    The students were welcomed in residence for two weeks at the CDN Le Manège in Maubeuge, where the premiere took place on May 27. The show then toured in Switzerland and France.

    Creation and tour


    Le Manège – Scène nationale de Maubeuge (FR)
    Th 27, May 2021


    Théâtre Les Halles, Sierre (CH)
    Fr 18 and Sa 19, June 2021

    La Manufacture – Haute école des arts de la scène, Lausanne (CH)
    We 23, Th 24, Fr 25 and Sa 26, June 2021

    La Commune CDN Aubervilliers (FR)
    Th 1st, July 2021


    Stage direction and space : Maya Bösch

    Based on the play "Sur la voie royale" by Elfriede Jelinek
    Translated from german by Magali Jourdan and Mathilde Sobottke
    Ed. L’Arche, 2019

    With the Class K students from the Bachelor in Theatre : Alice Delagrave, Julien Desmarquest, Lucas Faulong, Shannon Granger, Kristian Hartmann, Alexia Hebrard, Zacharie Jourdain , Clémentine Le Bas, Corentin Le Bras, Margot Le Coultre, Camille Legrand, Isaline Prévost Radeff, Paola Renout Lefever, Georgia Rushton, Quentin Teixeira

    Assistant to the stage director and artistic collaborator : Océane Court-Mallaroni
    Singing and music : Frank Williams
    Sound design : Thierry Simonot
    Costume design : Gwendoline Bouget
    Lights design and technique : Robin Dupuis

    Sound management : Jean-Claude Héritier

    Production La Manufacture – Haute école des arts de la scène
    Coproduction Le Manège Maubeuge – Scène nationale